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I'm sure you have heard the term "Poker Tools". Every major poker website from CardPlayer to PokerNews to independent poker blogs have a section devoted to poker tools.

When you think about it, 18 years ago this niche in the poker world didn't even exist. You won't find the history behind this iconic poker term on Wikipedia (shame). For those curious, this is the untold story. How this niche industry began, how it became known as "Poker Tools" and the man who gave birth to the name.

Poker Tools Is Coined

Hello! My name is Will Boyett, founder of PokerTools.com. I first coined the term "Poker Tools" back in 1999. Now you see the term on every poker website.

Back in 1998, when online poker first hit the scene, I was employed at the world's largest card club, Commerce Casino. As the casino's Satellite Director, it was my duty to spread one-table satellites. My position required me to wear a tie. I had the idea to wear a different poker tie each day of the month. I needed 30 different poker ties (I didn't get any days off). Unfortunately, back in 1999 poker wasn't that big. Finding poker related items was very difficult outside of a casino gift shop or going to Las Vegas.

PokerTools Launches In 2000

I spent a lot of time searching online and in stores. Poker items, other than poker chips, were scarce. Since I collected a large amount of resources in my search, I decided in 1999 to create a website that poker players could go to find everything they need to play poker. Poker apparel, hand protectors, cut cards and dealer buttons for home games, books, and even the software for analyzing an opponnents play. I thought up the term "Poker Tools" to encompass, not only the software, but ALL the tools you need for playing poker. I was the first to register this new poker term as a domain name and in 2000, PokerTools.com went live on the internet. Take a look at the websites menu back in 2000.

As you see, the term "Poker Tools" covers the tools you need for running a game (dealer's tools), the tools you need for playing the game (player's tools), and the tools (software) you need to analyze the game. Back in 1999 and 2000, there wasn't a lot of software on the market. To put into perspective, in 2001 the online poker industry generated $82.7 million in revenue. By 2005 it had skyrocketed to $2.4 BILLION!

A New Niche Is Born

Since the poker boom in 2003 and the growth of online poker, a demand for software to aid in analyzing your opponents online play also grew. The term I gave to these software programs, poker tools, stuck and a new niche in the poker world was created.

Now that you know this little tidbit of poker trivia, you're a wee bit smarter about the world of poker than you were 5 minutes ago. To your success. May I see you at the final table.

On the cover of Poker Digest Magazine - 2000

Working on the set of the Professional Poker Tour

Dealing on the WPT TV show

Playing poker with the legend, Amarillo Slim
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